Crowdsourcing for Pet Safety: A Case Study on Identifying Risk in the Pet Treat Market

published on 26 June 2023


The global pet industry has experienced significant growth, with a notable demand for high-quality products designed to ensure pet health and wellbeing. Despite this positive trajectory, maintaining rigorous safety standards across products remains a challenge. In this context, SafelyHQ has utilized crowdsourced risk monitoring to uncover potential threats within the pet treat market, as highlighted in a recent New York Post article.

Spectrum Brands Holdings, a $3 billion conglomerate, produces a line of dog chews called DreamBone. These treats have recently been associated with cases of severe pet illnesses, even fatalities. Our platform, SafelyHQ, has emerged as a crucial hub for reporting these incidents, enabling us to spot and publicize this concerning trend.


Our Role

SafelyHQ had registered a marked rise in DreamBone-related incidents. Our platform recorded 70 such reports in the current year, nearly doubling the count from 2021. A surge in reporting started from October, indicating an escalating trend. Our data analysis identified this spike as a substantial deviation, notable not only due to the increase in reports but also the severity of reported incidents.


Crowdsourcing as a Tool for Risk Analysis

Utilizing the power of crowdsourcing, SafelyHQ managed to identify and expose a potentially significant risk to pet health. The platform served as a space for pet owners to report their experiences, allowing us to identify patterns and highlight potential dangers linked to DreamBone treats. This user-generated data was critical in enhancing public awareness and urging relevant authorities to initiate investigations.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) started receiving similar reports after SafelyHQ raised concerns about DreamBone treats, underlining the effectiveness of crowdsourced data in uncovering potential risks and initiating formal inquiries.


The Value Proposition of SafelyHQ

SafelyHQ strives to track and report health and safety issues impacting individuals and communities. By providing a platform for shared experiences, we aid users in making informed decisions and precautions. Real-time monitoring and reporting can play a crucial role in early identification of potential risks, ensuring safety.

The case of DreamBone emphasizes the significance of SafelyHQ's services in promoting pet safety. Through crowdsourcing, potential threats can be detected promptly, enabling preventative actions and encouraging transparency. We remain dedicated to developing a safer community, one report at a time.

As we continue shaping the future of business risk monitoring and continuity, SafelyHQ is equipped to offer businesses insights for thriving amidst potential challenges. Schedule a demo and explore SafelyHQ today to keep your business prepared for any eventuality.


For more detailed information about this case, you can read the original article published by the NY Post here.

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