Analyzing Unusual Delivery Phenomenon: SafelyHQ's Role in Investigating Unexplained Package Incidents

published on 12 June 2023


A series of unusual events have been reported across the United States, where citizens have received unrequested and empty packages. These incidents have raised potential concerns about data privacy and possible manipulation tactics tied to third-party vendors on Amazon. As a consumer reporting platform, SafelyHQ has been documenting and examining this emerging trend. Our analytical work has been noted in a New York Post article.

Over several weeks, recipients in over 30 states have reported receiving empty, yellow padded envelopes. This pattern has introduced an element of uncertainty and apprehension, primarily due to concerns over potential data breaches and the speculated motives behind these deliveries.


Our Involvement

SafelyHQ has been methodically documenting these incidents. Our founder, Patrick Quade, projects the number of these anomalous deliveries could reach as high as 10,000. Our platform provides a space for individuals who have experienced this situation to share their encounters and bring visibility to this potentially expansive issue.

Potential Explanation: Brushing Scams

Upon examination, these events may be indicative of a strategy known as "brushing", where third-party vendors create false transactions on Amazon. The vendors invest minimal funds into sending these "phantom" packages, generate tracking numbers, and confirm package reception. The underlying motive is to generate counterfeit customer reviews to elevate product visibility and attractiveness.


Brushing scams carry various implications. For consumers, it increases data privacy concerns and creates an environment of uncertainty. For authentic vendors, it compromises fair competition and consumer trust. It also contributes to the growing issue of counterfeit reviews on e-commerce platforms. Some estimates indicate  more than 40% of Amazon reviews are potentially fraudulent.

Amazon's Reaction

Amazon has acknowledged these instances and has encouraged recipients of unwanted packages to report the incidents. The company has committed to investigating these reports and taking appropriate action against any parties found to be violating their policies.

Our Offerings

In the expanding landscape of e-commerce, the necessity to ensure online transaction safety has never been more crucial. SafelyHQ has a critical role in tracking, exposing, and mitigating such incidents, thereby safeguarding consumers and fostering transparency. We urge all to exercise caution when making online purchases and to report any irregularities.

Join us in our endeavor to maintain a secure online shopping environment. If you have received an unsolicited package, document your experience on SafelyHQ. By shining a light on these issues, we can work together to maintain e-commerce as a reliable and trusted platform.


For a more detailed account of the brushing scam issue, you can read the original article published by the NY Post here.

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